Informationsdienst Info-Kommentator is a news agency, which provides information about current business activities in Russia and contact information of firms in Russia and Europe.

Infoagentur Info-KommentatorInformationsdienst Info-Kommentator was founded in Germany on 4th December, 2006.

You need new business contacts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Russia, in-depth knowledge of leading companies’ market position in Russia and Europe to sell or buy products in your business line.

Informationsdienst Info-Kommentator offers you an excellent solution – to take advantage of our services. Becoming our client, you get professional and highly effective information department working for you which contributes to your business development. Informationsdienst Info-Kommentator employees have a long-term operational experience in the economic market of Russia and Germany.

Our primary objective - to help companies find business contacts in Europe and Russia.

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