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News Agency Info-Kommentator offers publishing your press releases with contact information in three languages in subject entry Topical News.

Press releaseNews Agency "Info-Kommentator" reserves the right to decide on the date of publication or to refuse it.

We publish some news as sponsored features.

Press-releases of our clients are published free of charge without fail.

Please send your request by e-mail: marketing@info-kommentator.de. Specify your company name, a contact person, a phone number and a fax, address and e-mail.

Polish tv channels online

PolBox TV

/July, 2019/ Being away from your home country can be sometimes hard. But suddenly hearing native speech in the other part of the world might bring a lot of comforts. Almost as much as comfort as family get-together on Sundays or the taste of granny’s strawberry jam.

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