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/July, 2019/ Being away from your home country can be sometimes hard. But suddenly hearing native speech in the other part of the world might bring a lot of comforts. Almost as much as comfort as family get-together on Sundays or the taste of granny’s strawberry jam.

Well, the source of the Polish language is much easier to obtain though. Just contact PolBox.TV, the leading provider of Polish television, films, and radio by means of Internet for the Poles living overseas.

Polish television online: plus sides only

Internet TV unites the power of regular television with the advantages of the Internet. This is an incredibly multifaceted and flexible source of information and entertainment. With Polish TV via the Internet you are going to experience new opportunities:

  • Selection of more than 100 Polish TV channels online, 3000 movies in Polish and major country’s radio stations;
  • Multiscreen feature, which is the possibility to watch TV on any device of your choosing, not limiting it to the TV set: on a smartphone, tablet, personal computer or laptop;
  • Multiroom option, that is the possibility of simultaneous streaming of different channels on different devices. So members of your family won’t have to fight over remote control anymore;
  • Flexible schedule, when you can plan the broadcasts in accordance with your time zone (if it is different from Poland);
  • 14 days archive, or saving the certain programs to the special folder in order to be able to see them later;
  • PolBox.TV also guarantees the Parental control to keep your children away from watching adult or inappropriate content on the TV online.

Polish TV channels online are one touch of a button away

Caring about customers, PolBox.TV provides simple and instant access to Polish television online. As simple, as one click of a button.

  • To install the Polish television online, you don’t need cables or satellite dishes;
  • The software works on absolutely any platforms including Windows, MAC OS and Linux for computers and laptops, and iOS and Android for mobile devices;
  • It is also developed accordingly to deliver in the areas of weak Internet connection;
  • For strong Internet connection, there is always the opportunity to watch TV in HD quality;
  • Customers get 24/7 technical support by phone or at the provider’s website.

PolBox.TV is a convenient, flexible, affordable and enjoyable way to stay in touch with the home country from wherever you currently reside.

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